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The Meat Free Fitness Nutrition Guides are tailored diet plans for vegan and vegetarian men and women, designed to help you achieve your fitness / body goals and reach new heights of health and energy on a plant-based diet.

Everyone, regardless of whether they eat meat, needs to pay careful attention to their diet to ensure the optimal nutrition for any body goals or health and fitness aspirations.

So whether you're looking to lose weight, add lean muscle, or just feel healthier and more energised, your tailored guide will ensure your plant-based nutrition is optimised to your unique needs to make sure you achieve those goals, and maintain your progress long into the future.

You'll love the Meat Free Fitness Nutrition Guide if:

  • You're vegan, vegetarian, or you currently eat meat but would like to adopt a meat-free diet.

  • You want to ensure your nutrition is right to help you reach your goals, whether they're weight loss, increasing strength, improving fitness, or just feeling healthier and more energised.

  • You'd like a plan that will help you adopt habits to improve your health and fitness long into the future, rather than an unsustainable crash diet, where most people regain any weight lost or muscle they've gained soon after finishing the diet.

  • You'd like a convenient and cost-effective way of improving your nutrition: All guides are just £75 (less than the price of just one introductory session seeing a nutritionist in person).

Clients from around the world are using the Meat Free Fitness nutrition guides to up their game!

Clients from around the world are using the Meat Free Fitness nutrition guides to up their game!

What you'll receive:

TJ Waterfall Meat Free Fitness vegan and vegetarian healthy nutrition guides plant based
  1. A breakdown of the amount of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) you should be eating, and the timings of each, to help you achieve your body and fitness goals.

  2. A food groups table showing you the number of portions of each of the major food groups you should be aiming for each day - an easy to follow approach that's highly effective and makes your plant-based meal planning mega simple.

  3. A two-week meal plan to demonstrate how easy and varied your diet can be while sticking to the targets set out in the food groups table. This is the perfect way to kick start your meat-free fitness journey.

  4. Dozens of recipes for plant-based breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks that are quick, easy, and nutritious. They're tried-and-tested delicious meals that help you meet your food group targets while saving you precious time.

  5. Tips and tricks - lots of diet, lifestyle, and exercise tips and tricks that have proved instrumental for loads of clients, as well as for myself personally.

  6. Micronutrients explained, detailing which ones you should be paying particular attention to with your specific diet and lifestyle. This section is key to making sure you're eating the right stuff to keep you healthy and energised.

  7. Free samples and a discount on Vega Essentials nutritional shakes - my favourite vegan protein shake (Europe only).

  8. Help and support - I'm on standby should any questions come up throughout your journey, to help you stay on track and keep you motivated.

  • The MFF guide has made me realise how important cooking is and has shown me how quick, easy, and delicious it can be! I've lost half a stone in 6 weeks but unlike with other diets I haven't felt hungry - this time I can tell it's going to last!
    — Anna G, London, UK
  • I've managed to put on lean muscle after having been stuck at the same level for months... thank you so much TJ!
    — Stephen M, Brighton, UK
  • I have SO much more energy now - and I look and feel great!
    — Sophie B, Bristol, UK
  • I've wanted to go vegan for ages but I was always worried that I'd miss some important nutrients - the guide has shown me how easily it can be done and now I'm feeling the healthiest I've ever felt!
    — James P, London, UK