One-to-One Nutrition Consultations

If you have a specific health goal in mind, would like to optimise your plant-based nutrition for a specific sport/event, or would just like to find out more about what/how to eat well on a meat-free diet, booking a 1-1 consultation with me via Skype can help you achieve this.

The Meat Free Fitness bespoke nutrition guides are a fantastic way to optimise your nutrition, help you reach your goals, and maintain your progress long into the future. But consultations provide even more opportunity to tailor advice, they enable us to review and set new goals together, make any adjustments, discuss some important topics in further detail, answer any questions that may come up, and they provide an increased sense of accountability which can help no-end with your motivation!

You’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill in online prior to our consultation - during your first consultation this will be discussed, and personalised nutritional recommendations made based on this, using only evidence-based practise. The sessions involve a collaborative approach to come up with a plan of action together that best suits your lifestyle and goals. All the materials included in the bespoke nutrition guides are included too and will be sent to you after the first consultation.

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Free 15-minute consultation

If you’d like a free (no strings!) 15-minute nutrition consultation, just sign up to the monthly MFF newsletter below and book your slot using the link that’s emailed to you. It’s an opportunity to ask any questions, discuss your goals, and for me to offer some useful initial tips/advise.